"Received ack for unexisting command: 520!" in SITL


When simulating in Gazebo, subscription to system are behaving weirdly:

  • application (in c++) are displaying warning Ignoring unknown ping sequence (ping.cpp:60)
  • MAVSDK server (version 0.44) are displaying warning Received ack for unexisting command: 520! Ignoring...

Since id 520 refers to deprecated command, I’m not sure its a bug, or faulty configuration; I think it’s latter, since when system is discovered it’s giving these information:

[06:52:50|Debug] New: System ID: 245 Comp ID: 190 (mavsdk_impl.cpp:222)
[06:52:50|Debug] Component Unsupported component (190) added. (system_impl.cpp:372)

Please, could someone look at this? I will be grateful :slight_smile: