Read ESC related info using MAVSDK application

Hi all,

I am writing a MAVSDK C++ application that will be used to monitor the statistics related to different systems on the drone. Since the API supports a limited number of classes as compared to the actual uoRB messages. What can I do if I want to access some topics that are not supported by the current classes available in MAVSDK. For example, I am not able to find any class that allows me to access ESC parameters within my MAVSDK application.

This can be done within the PX4 itself by subscribing to the " EscReport.msg. But how the same can be achieved within MAVSDK?

Any help in this regard is much appreciated. Thanks

As an example, would ESC_STATUS via MAVLink work?

If so, you could subscribe to that using the MavlinkPassthrough plugin.

Thanks for the response Julian, I am a bit new to all this. Can you direct me to a simple example of how we can use the mavlinkPassthrough plugin to access a MAVLINK topic directly? I have been going through the MAVSDK documentation but couldn’t find anything concrete.

Not the best example, but here is an extract where it’s done: