Raw data from Thoneflow


I am trying to work with Thoneflow optical flow camera on my PX4 based drone.

  1. I am trying to get the raw images from the optical flow camera to check if the images make sense. Is there a way to do this in PX4 or does ThoneFlow 3901UY or PX4 does not support the same. If yes is this a hardware constraint or is this constrained by software.
  2. I am trying to check the correctness of my installation of thoneflow on my drone. To check the same I am using the procedure described here: https://docs.px4.io/master/en/sensor/optical_flow.html.
    The output of the flow when moving in different directions must be as follows:
Vehicle movement Integrated flow
Forwards + Y
Backwards - Y
Right - X
Left + X

On moving the drone in the forward direction should I observe a change in the optical_flow/pixel_flow_x_integral or optical_flow/pixel_flow_y_integral. From the above snippet in the documentation I feel it should be optical_flow/pixel_flow_y_integral. Let me know if I am understanding this correct?