Raspberry Pi 2 crashes when connecting Pix4Flow sensor via UART

Hi everyone,

I am currently trying to access data sent by pix4flow sensor on my raspi2 using UART. It perfectly works when using USB connexion but for several reasons I need to use UART communication tool.

The issue appears after plugging the sensor to UART gpios on Rpi, with random times. Sometime RPi crashes just after connecting, and sometimes it crashes a few minutes after.

I’ve thought about changing baudrate, but this did not bring better results. Information about current through 5v gpio seem to be ok with pix4flow. Thus I am really lost, can’t find what is going on.

Have you ever seen such problem ? Can anyone help me ?
Thx a lot !


Have you disabled the UART console of the RPI? If not, the data sent by the PX4FLOW module may be interpreted as terminal input which could crash the Pi.

You can disable the serial console in raspi-config > advanced.

Thank you Nicolas !
I’ve used your solution and Raspi didn’t crash for about 10 minutes, and still works now :slight_smile: