Random left turn in mission


Any idea why PX4 would decide to wander off course for no good reason? I planned a simple right turn only oval, and it decides to go left towards the trees. I can’t seem to get a completed mission lately without things going south.

@dagar @LorenzMeier

Hi Jon,

Was it initially when you entered mission or before in manual mode?

Did you tune the FW roll rate controller?


Hi Daniel,
It happened about 2 minutes into the mission, and I switched back to manual mode to bring it back. I was using the stock settings for those parameters, so RR_FF of .5 and RR_P of .05. The response seemed pretty sharp. Does the overshoot look like too much, or the roll rate too high?

Oh, so you’re talking about near the end of mission?

From the plots above the rough timeline is
0 - 48s: manual mode
48s - 2:43: mission mode

Using those time stamps can you point out the portion of mission that you considered wandering of course? Then I’ll take another look specifically at that part to see what the system was doing.

It looks like near 2:34 is when it started the left turn. The mission calls for only right turns, even a right turn in the landing pattern. I was looking for signs of a waypoint miss causing it to circle back around, but I don’t see anything.