Question on config ADS1115 on Pixhawk 6X

Hello All
I would like to use ADS1115 with 6x and PM07, but seem like I’ve no luck on it.

I’ve puchased a pixhawk 6x and a PM07 power distrubtion board (I brought a wrong power module), to fix this issue,I’ve read the information from these two article

PM07 Quick Start Guide

Digital Power Module (PM)

and this PX4 thread

After reading the above material, I brought ADS1115 board (actually 2) to mesure current and voltage value on PM07, analog feed to ADS1115, convert to digital and feed to 6X.

following the PX4 thread, I’ve clone the px4-autopilot repository (with main branch), and added the following line into boards/px4/fmu-v6x/default.px4board


then compile the firmware ( ‘make px4_fmu-v6x_default’ ), flash it into my 6X ,

on the QGroundControl, I enabled the ADC_ADS1115_EN

then, reboot the board

however, the ADS1115 related params doesn’t shown after reboot, am I missing somthing , (e.g. drive not loaded, etc.) ?

  • BAT1_A_PER_V = 36

  • BAT1_I_CHANNEL = 1

  • BAT1_V_CHANNEL = 0

  • BAT1_V_DIV = 18.18