Question about loiter switch and MC FW transition switch

Hi, I am new to this site. I have an E-Flite Convergence and have installed a Pixhawk 2.4.8 controller with latest PX4 version (1.8.0?). Also have installed a PX4flow, Lidar Lite v2.0 (later version with “problems”?), and GPS (M8N with compass).

Currently I have the Mission/Hold mode switch set to RC channel 6. However, the MC/FW transition switch is also set to RC channel 6. Is this a problem/conflict? Will channel 6 cause an MC/FW transition only in manual flight mode and cause a hold only in auto flight mode?

Thanks for any help/info you can provide. Tony…

Hi again. I just answered my own question. It seems that my RC channel 6 switch selects Mission/Hold in auto flight mode and does the MC to FW transition in manual flight mode.