Quad shaking on test flight


When I initially fly the quad it is shaking a lot. The quad is set up as per this guide.

The quad is a QAV250 with a pixhawk mini flight board. I am no expert with log files but I am presuming it is PIDs based and over compensating correction.


If there is anything obvious in the logs I would appreciate any help.


idk if this is your issue but maybe your quad needs to be calibrated evertime you plug in a new battery " shaking is usually oscillation"that caused by uncalibrated ESCs try to calibrate and then fly right after do not power off quad and plz be safe , also program in a motor kill switch on your controller to help prevent accidents

If I plug the battery in while I am connected to QGroundControl I get this error.

“Vehicle did respond to command: Calibration”

I have been through every part of the calibration process successfully.


if it is saying its not responding to calibration then esc calibration was not successful , if u are useing a kill switch ,and it is on durring calibration it will not respond to the command , also like i said in previous post the esc calibration most happen after every new battery is pluged in ,beyond that point i can not help because i am still a bit new to the hobby " maybe your PID settings are off alittle bit "

Hi, did you manage to fix the issue? I have the same issue with a Holybro QAV250. Calibrated the ESCs before flight, but that didnt help

@ChrisA please open a new issue, this post is really old, and might not even apply to your configuration any more.