QGC proportional input from PS4 joystick


I have Sony PS4 DualShock 4 joystick, which have 6 proportional controllers. The main 4 axes work correctly (x, y, z, r).

I would like to get working the last two proportional inputs. In QGC in part ‘Joystick’ I can see that it reads input from the joystick. When I move with this controllers, in axis monitor I can see that it is axis 2 and 5.

Then I set in radio panel in QGC AUX1 Passthrought RC channel to Channel 2 (or 5). But aircraft has no response. And there is no change in mavlink data in (RC_channels). The same behavior is when I set it as flaps input.

Do you have any suggestion how to get work all analog channels from USB joystick?
Thank you!

This is not possible.

Thanks for replay @DonLakeFlyer.

We are building a model of autogyro, which needs prerotate main rotor to minimal RPM before takeoff. For controlling of flight we have used all 4 main axis (x,y,z,r). Therefore we need some next proportional input.

Do you know, if there is another GCS witch support more proportional inputs from joystick?

PX4 Pro firmware only supports joystick control using MANUAL_CONTROL message which doesn’t support this sort of thing. That would require something like RC_OVERRIDE support which is supported by neither QGC nor PX4 Pro.

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