QGC Font customisation and multi-platform issues

I added some new features to QGC, and I’ve been working on my MacBook. It looks really good, but as soon as I share the code and run it on Windows, I notice that only the features I added have the same macOS font. The rest of the application has the default QGC Windows font. How do I change this?
I tried going into “SceenTool.qml” and “ScreenToolsController.cc” and change stuff, but no change seemed to happen. How do I add the macOS font across all platforms? I’ve been trying for a while and can’t seem to make any progress.

Also, along with the font, there are other issues while sharing across platforms, such as a change in pixel ratio, font sizes, sharpness/blurriness of images, etc. Everything looks great on my Mac, but as soon as it goes on to Windows, things change a lot. Any idea how I can avoid that issue?

These have been issues for a long time, and any help would be deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance!

For those wondering what changes I made, I added a font type (Inconsolata) in the two functions given below. I also replaced the fixedFontFamily() return statement with what I commented out, but no change in anything.

I have the same problem right now, did you solve it?