QGC compilation fail because of git version

Hi All,

I trying to figure out a strange problem when cloning QGC and trying to compile it for some reason QT is generating makefile.release/debug(both of them) a variable name “version” and when put the first 8 chars/bytes from the git hash code of the version.

Because of this the first time i compile it fails and then i need to enter the new QT generated folder and change the value of the “version” to something else(1,2.,99…) and it compile.
I wanted to ask if someone saw this problem ?? i know it related to QT/Git but asking google didn’t help :frowning:

any idea??

You need git and you need a real clone of the source, not a zip download.

It is a real clone(not zip file) i have git but where is the code that tells it to compile with the version number??

Do a “git fetch --tags”. Version number usage is within qmake files