QGC as a ROS node

Hello there,

I am working on a university project that is heavily using ROS with MAVROS. As the intended purpose for our hex copter is outdoors, we would like to use QGC.

Is there any way to use QGC as a ROS node, or “easy” way to customize it as such? We would like to avoid beginning from scratch when QGC does such an excellent job.

Many thanks,

@Jan-Hendrik_Ewers What do you mean by using QGC as a ROS node? Do you want QGC to communicate through ROS? or you simply want to start the application from a launchfile?

If you want QGC to be able to understand the ROS topic messages, you would need to add the functionality to QGC since QGC uses mavlink directly. This is the reason the gcs_bridge exists in mavros so that you can connect to the vehicle through a ROS node.

If you want to start the application from a launchfile, you can simply run a script inside the launchfiel to do so.