Px4fmu v4 v1.11.0 Beta 1

for few flights I’ve test the pre release of v1.11.0 Beta 1 using the firmware version px4fmuv4 (pixracer fc), during the flight I’ve noticed a weird behavior…during phold mode its like the receiver don’t feel the commands gave with the rc… using the althold the drone can be controlled without any problems. Looking on the logs I’ve noticed also a high use of the MCU
Someone else have found the same issue?

Would be good if you could share your log.

From looking at the privately shared log (you might want to share it here publicly if you want more eyes looking at it) it seems like you are flying in Position during the full flight and it looks it’s working just fine.

So please either describe exactly what doesn’t work or how it feels, or consider adding a video, anything would help us understand this better.

Good day, good to hear the drone fly well, sometimes but not always in position hold mode the drone don’t feel the input i give with my radio commander… so i need put it in althold for the fly…, its not a problem.
Its possible that the antennas of the receiver too near the carbon fiber of the arms give this small problem?

When this happens, does it not react for multiple seconds, or does it just feel lagy, e.g. delayed?

If signal strength is an issue you should see RC lost signals or at least RSSI decreasing in the log. You can check it in your log.

I don’t have saw signal lost… but this behavior is only sometimes in phold and I cannot command the drone that’s why i need change in althold