Px4flow wrong zero bias/value when the quad is just sitting

Greetings. I have a problem with my px4flow camera, attached to a quadcopter running an ArduCopter.

Per the setup instruction, log reading of body and flow must coincide, but when I tried putting the quad indoor, outdoor, and about 5 points in between, the indoor values don’t coincide

I think it’s supposed to be zero, though maybe a bit noisy. The zero bias varied between those points (negative X and positive Y with varying maximum, the worst at 2 on the graph), with exact coincidence achieved outside, under the sunlight.

I looked for similar problems everywhere, but no-one mentioned about wrong zero bias. I don’t have any idea either about what might have caused it. I have turned off all lights that might have any flicker, but the problem persists.

Attached is a photo of the log (pardon me, it’s kind of a field situation). The erratic values are when I’m moving the quad between points, so it’s not about that. The rightmost is outside, leftmost inside.

Any help would be appreciated.

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