Px4 with herelink and stabilize mode problem


i’m using herelink with holybro PX4. In stabilize mode i get a " dead zone stick " of 5% and nothing in manual mode.
So in stabilize mode when i want to go up, i have to pull the stick a lot to get a movement and then the rise is too big : it 's not progressif .

is there a parameter to adjust this ?
Pascal .

Do you know if this dead zone is configured and applied on herelink or is it done on the PX4 side?

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I don’t think so : in manual mode no dead zone.
in stabilize mode dead zone .
the mode do not change anything in herelink.
I think that PX4 change something in stalize mode .

Ok, and this is with a fixedwing or multicopter?

Sorry , fixed wing ! mini drak ritewing

Ok, right, that’s indeed not optimal. I assume this is PX4 version 1.10 (stable) ?

no, to get the servos working i’m using the arduplane last beta version … worst !

Aha, in that case I would ask in discuss.ardupilot.org as this forum is for the PX4 software/firmware.