PX4 Tech Dev Call: January 23, 2019

Wednesday 5PM CET, 11AM EST, 8AM PST (subscribe to calendar)

Join the call: https://zoom.us/j/625711763
Meeting ID: 625 711 763
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  • Spain: +34 91 198 0188
  • International numbers available

Nuttx upgrade - https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/pull/11256

I want to talk about and external sensor driver (IMU) that makes sensor modules to hang the system. Symptoms; The external IMU is lunched first and is higher priority. When unloading the driver the system hangs. I have traced the problem to un_advertise the sensor_gyro message. When unadvertised, the sensor module gives the GYRO fail message and attempts to failover, however immediately it also sends an ACCEL 1 fail and an GYRO 1 fail (this is incorrect since the internal drivers are still there) and using a counter I noticed that the main loop in sensor modules start spinning much faster, posibly preempting other tasks. if I remove the unadvertise gyro from my code, the drivers unloads without any problem and sensor module keeps working normally. Question: in sensors module, the timestamp for the secondary/tertiary gyro gets updated too, or what can be the reason for TIMEOUT on the sensors that are still working?

Have you guys had a chance to publish last week’s call? I haven’t seen it come up on my RSS feed yet. The podcast has been super helpful to keep up to date with development from a distance.

Hey @tonysam1 we didn’t record last week dev call, we are actually not recording them anymore until we can get more feedback from the community, thanks for posting and for voting on the poll (and having your feedback on Slack).

For everyone else here’s a discussion thread on recording PX4 Dev Call Recordings?