PX4 Mini transferring settings

I purchased two Pixhawk 4 Mini’s for two identical airfames. The first one works flawlessly. The second is giving me acceleration clipping errors and poor yaw performance (constant limit cycling in steady position).

Before RMA’ing the part I was wondering if all the settings are contained on the SD card and if I could clone the SD card from the good PX4 to the bad PX4 as a final test, assuming they are on the same revision of the firmware. Or, are there other nonvolatile settings on the board?

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Hi, in PX4 are also stored parameters. The wrong setting of these parameters can result in poor flight characteristics. You can export parameters from QGC and import them to the worster drone (also trought QGC). Then you have to recalibrate all sensors.

You have to have the same contents of SD cards in case you have some configuration there (ie something in the /etc/… folder)

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