PX4 Indoor fly mavros


I am using PX4 as my flight stack and getting the errors below whenever I launch the PX4.launch

[ERROR] [1565784217.763478228]: ODOM: Ex: Could not find a connection between ‘local_origin_ned’ and ‘fcu’ because they are not part of the same tree.Tf has two or more unconnected trees.
[ WARN] [1565784218.503858942]: TM : RTT too high for timesync: 124.08 ms.
[ INFO] [1565784218.939357854]: HP: requesting home position
[ WARN] [1565784222.202467541]: TM : RTT too high for timesync: 822.67 ms.

I have PX4 flow sensor and want to do some image processing indoor flight so no GPS is applicable. Could you please guide me through this?

Is it related to this?

You may also try to restore what was deleted by mavros git from this link. (Definitely, when recovering a fix that was removed from the mavros code, if you test more than 20 drones, there will be a huge delay.)

Yes it is on the link you provided.
I will be waiting for it to he solved.