PX4 Disalbe Unknown Pragma Warnings

Good afternoon everyone. I’m new to the PX4 framework and am working on a project with a team. In C# I am able create regions as depicted below and this helps for readability. I am developing in Ubuntu using VS Code.

#region WriteBack
    void WriteBack ();
#endregion WriteBack

Researching what the C++ version would look like I discovered that I can do the following and it seems to work except for this error:

ignoring #pragma region WriteBack [-Werror=unknown-pragmas]

#pragma region WriteBack
    void WriteBack ();
#pragma endregion WriteBack

I’ve been researching this quite a bit and have tried this but I still get an error that this too also gets ignored.
#pragma warning (disable : 4068 )

I know I can add the compile flag below but I’m not sure which makefile it should be added to.

So my question is where in the PX4 firmware should I place this compiler flag or does my first approach work but I’m doing something wrong.