PX4 Dev Call: January 26, 2022

January 26, 2022

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Community Q&A

3 Autogyro contributors for first comment on this thread:

Project Updates

High priority queue

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In-Depth discussions

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Hello Ramon,

we (@roman-dvorak, @kaklik, @fluktuacia ) would be glad if it was possible to discuss the following topics at the next PX4 Dev Call:

  1. Necessary changes to merge SHT3x humidity and temperature sensor driver
  2. Automatic autogyro takeoff pull-request
    • why is it necessary
    • the best way how to implement it to PX4
  3. Data logging from measuring sensors (Tunnel packets)

Thanks @kaklik, please make sure you are present during the call, I will give you time to introduce your PRs and chat with the team.

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