PX4 Community Q&A: July 05, 2023

July 05, 2023

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Q.1 :

:thinking: General Discussions

D.1 : GCC version bump

  • GCC 10.3

D.2: FMU v5 flash overflowing again

  • How do we reduce the overall flash usage?
  • We can’t just cut off features though, that will result in users being confused for not having the features unexpectedly.
  • Idea: We could specialize into FW/MC/Rover targets, to reduce flash for example. But for that, having a proper QGC UI so that we make it easy for users to flash such custom firmwares easy / Airframe selection is in sync.
  • Cloud build in betaflight: Can be done via PX4 using KConfig. And

Having the mainfest file would enable having different versions of binary will be available.

WIP PR from 2022:

Note: PX4 already has the fixedwing target for example for v2: PX4-Autopilot/boards/px4/fmu-v2 at main · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub

D.3: v1.14 Release

Summary: We don’t feel confident in announcing the exact date of release candidate, and it will be announced as soon as the PRs above get merged & backported to 1.14 branch.

D.4: Docker image optimization

We prob need to check the total file size, and make sure it is optimized (so that all the CI jobs pulling this image is optimized).

D.5: DroneCAN DSDL update

After 1.14 release, we should focus on this and update the message sets.

  • With UAVCAN, it was a hassle to have it managed as a submodule (recursive situation)

D.6: Launching PX4 work group

Was mentioned in the morning, on how to get PX4 launching better (e.g. colcon, binary)


Sub: Flight LOG Analysis - PX4 v1.13.3
Please explain whether the RED color indicates ROLL . If so , why is the X shown on one graph with RED marking and Y shown in RED in the second graph.

Thanks for your question, the first graph (Velocity, in m/s) indicates linear velocity in XYZ in Forward-Right-Down direction, which isn’t equivalent to Roll/Pitch/Yaw (these are ‘Attitude’, in radians).

And in the second, it corresponds to the RC transmitter input, and the color coding doesn’t have significant / consistency to the Velocity’s one above.

Hope this answers your question!

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thank you for your feedback !!

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