PX4 and Seagull camera triggers

I’m brand new to Pixhawk and UAV’s.
I recently bought a PX4 kit and a Seagull MAP-X2. I decided to buy the PX4 instead of the older 2x versions. Can anyone offer some advice regarding the newly updated connectors on the PX4 and what would be the best method to connect to MapX2 that uses the servo connectors.
I have deduced i must connect the MAPX2 to the FMUPWM OUT port that has a 8 cable with a JST GH connector to trigger my camera.

Many thanks

Are you using the Holybro power board that has connections for FMUPMW out.
Or you could use a break out board.
Which kit did you get?

Hi Jimdgit,

I have been in contact with Seagull, the Holybro GPS receiver must be connected to both the MAPX2 and PX4 device for proper camera logging and triggering. I’m currently stuck a bit with this concept which needs some soldering and splicing - I am reluctant to cut / amend any wires on the GPS receiver.
I have the kit you are referring to with that specific power board. My game plan is to design and create a breakout board that will connect the two devices with the gps in the middle.