PX4 2019 Roadmap Webinar

:rocket:Webinar on the PX4 roadmap for 2019 will be hosted by Auterion on January 24th.
:writing_hand:REGISTER HERE: https://hub.auterion.com/px4_roadmap_webinar

Join the webinar to learn about the technical roadmap of PX4 and participate in the live Q&A session with the project maintainers.


  • Lorenz Meier, creator and co-maintainer of PX4
  • Daniel Agar, co-maintainer of PX4

Please post in this thread if you have specific questions related to:

  • Future architecture of PX4
  • New functionality introduced into PX4 on the mission computer running Linux
  • Future of obstacle avoidance
  • The next generation flight control hardware and standards
  • The integration of new payload and sensors
  • 3D mission planning
  • Integration with modern bus architectures like UAVCAN
  • and other PX4 architecture related questions

How can I contribute to the “Pixhawk Payload Bus (PPB-A1)”?