PX4 2.4.5 Firmware issue?

the copter used to work back when i got it in (2015 i believbe) recently i went through my old stuff decided to but it in a new frame and get it back to work, how ever i noticed if i install any thing with CHibios it wont work at all so after numerous attempts i used QGC and got it to work on px4 stack. but i cannot get the sensors to calibrate at all even on mission planner. keep getting command denied calibration, or it gets stuck on the calibration screen. if my unit fried or is there any way i can salvage it maybe throught some older firmware. i even tried AC 3.2.1 board seem to work but wont connect to Mission Planner hrough mavlink.

Thank You

If you want help getting your board to work with ArduPilot, better to ask at discuss.ardupilot.org