PWM params missing

PX4 QGC Was flying fine.
After installing bigger motors, and trying to again PID Autotune failed.
The instructions say to increase FW and MC_AT_SYSID_AMP by steps of 1 and trigger autotune again.
I did so (before taking off), position mode. Before I could even start Autotune, I switched to Altitude Mode- it flipped upside-down and crashed.

Now several parameters esp PWM paramaters are missing. Pressed/ reset the IO PWM and FMU reset pins , re-seated microSD, erased and reloaded firmware uploaded again. Checked the wires with ohm meter. Tried reloading latest saved working parameters.
Still no resolve. It boots up, although with alarms.

  1. Should that instruction say “steps of 0.1”
  2. Should I takeoff before increasing MC_AT_SYSID_AMP by steps of “1 .0”?
  3. How to get params working?
  4. Is a new microSD needed, and what format?


A flip upside down indicates that the props might have been interchanged for CCW or CW . Recheck this point .