Power consumption during flight


I have been through the detailed telemetry log and also the mavlink inspector log. I wanted to know how power is consumed during flight in different flight conditions. For example in wind and without wind. The instantPower in telemetry doesnt make sense to me. If flying with strong headwind instantpower was less than flying with tailwind. Shouldnt it consume more power in headwind flight? Out of the parameters in telemetry file, like mAh consumed, voltage, current, instantpower etc what might be a good indicator to see the actual power consumption during flight? I wish to find a way to see that the motor would have to work harder and consume more battery in wind than without wind.

Thanks and I appreciate any help.

You can check the instant power consumption(W) by checking the ampere(A) and voltage(V) log.
You can easily get power by W=A×V.