Plan does not display,QGCFileDialog unavailable

Hello everyone, I am running and the configuration is
Raspberry Pi3
Debian x64
QT 5.7.1
QGroundControl 3.2.7
I made changes to the following configuration
glutils.h file
#define QOpenGLFunctionsDef QOpenGLFunctions_ES2
change to
#define QOpenGLFunctions_ES2 QOpenGLFunctionsDef
QGCCommon.pri changes as follows
linux {
linux-g++ | linux-g+±64 | linux-g+±32 | linux-clang {
#message(“Linux build”)
#CONFIG += LinuxBuild
#linux-clang {
#message(“Linux clang”)
#QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -Qunused-arguments -fcolor-diagnostics
#} else: linux-rasp-pi2-g++ {
message(“Linux R-Pi2 build”)
CONFIG += LinuxBuild

Qt Creator–>Open the qgroundcontrol project, “Clean” → “Run qmake” → “Build”
I have successfully compiled, but after the program runs, Plan does not display

Any ideas? English is not my native language sorry

Your first problem is that you are building from 3.2.7 that is something like, well I don’t know how many years old that is. Use latest stable or latest master.