i am just starting this thread to discuss if multishot is possible with the pixracer ,Qgc , and px4 stack

as far as i can see going thro mcu and gyro stats , it seems that it should be possible given that it is running an F4 class stm32 mcu the gyro is an mpu9250 ,the same chips they are running multishot and dshot on
i know dshot with px4 firmware would require a remapping and isn’t a task the devs now are willing to take on at the moment and in don’t blame them for. I have not attemped to modify the pwm_rates for this yet and have no clue the consequences of what could happen if i do .
Are we talking magic smoke or will it just do nothing and require being adjust back to default settings in order to work again?

when i decide to try this ,i will use these setting
for first attempt pwm_rates 8000hz , pwm_min 5us , pwm_max 25us, pwm_disarm 2us ,