Pixhawk s550 initial configuration issues

So I have a Pixhawk s550.
Using a Radiolink R9DS as my receiver and an AT9s as my controller.

I went through the pre-configuration through QGroundcontrol.
GPS seems to work fine and the controller was able to set up its calibration fine.
I am using a Venom 5400 20c 11.1v 3cell battery.

I was trying to test the motors to see if they were spinning in the right orientation however throttle does not seem to start on the drone.

I add the battery, wait till the indicator blinks green. I then push my throttle down and to the right to arm the system and the indicator goes solid green. I slowly move up the throttle but the motors do not spin.

Is there something I have overlooked doing?

When I try to connect via usb and try to arm the drone I get the following errors.
Critical:Caution: Avionics power low: 4.90 volts
Critical: Arming denied! Flying with USB is not Safe.
I figured these errors were just because I was hooked up via USB though.

Any thoughts of what I can try? Or if you need more information for suggestions let me know and I can provide.

Here are some pics of the setup.

So as an update Im still stumped at where to begin trouble shooting this. I would really appreciate any direction (or any additional information I need to provide).

I did fool around more in QGroundcontrol trying to narrow down my issue, and was looking at the UAVCAN configuration. When I try to start assignment I end up getting the error ‘Vehicle did not respond to command: UAVCAN configure’.
Would UAVCAN config not respond if just one was bad? Do I have them on the board wrong?

Any help would be fantastic :slight_smile: