Pixhawk RPi CM4 Baseboard no USB connection on cm4 Host 1 or 2

We have a flashed CM4 that works on the raspberry pi baseboard. When installed in the pixhawk baseboard we can’t get either USB host to connect at all. We can VNC in and use the HDMI out but any attempts to connect any dongle or device over USB isn’t seen by the cm4.
We have tried to chance the config.txt file to include dr_mode = otg , dtoverlay = dwc2 , otg_mode = 1. I haven’t been able to find any documentation that goes beyond flashing the CM4. The diagram there shows that the USB works through USB OTG.
Does anyone know where additional documentation is that would help us to trouble shoot this problem?
What settings need to be configured to allow devices to connect over USB Host 1 and 2?

I had this same problem. I fixed it by getting a different USB Type C to USB A adapter and different USB hub. I the Type C hub I was using had multiple ports, HDMI, VGA, and a SD card reader and it probably confused it making it not recognize anything connected to it. Once I switched to a simple USB Type C hub, everything worked as expected.
The default Raspberry Pi CM4 settings worked for me.