Pixhawk Low Altitude Limit


Looking forward to do some experiments at low altitude using Pixhawk on my quadcopter. I basically want to fly at 5 -8 meter altitude and then make a rectangle waypoints for auto mode. This square too will be sizing around 8meter x 5 meter.

How possible is it to go for this short distance waypoint at this much less altitude?
What are all the settings required to be done to experiment this successfully?
What I feel is, the waypoint radius should be kept as small as possible. What you guys say?

Thanks for taking time out to suggest things over here.

I think this should not be a problem. You can plan the mission using QGroundControl, or maybe you need to pre-calculate the lat/lon coordinates in order to get the accuracy. And yes making sure the acceptance radius is small enough makes sense.

And if you want to test it before you fly it, make sure to use SITL or HITL.

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Sure. Thanks Julian. I will get back to this one I will proceed further. Currently, stuck with some other work.