Pixhawk hexacopter drifting to left

Trying to build a new hexacopter for the first time with pixhawk 2.4.8 with emax motors and esc. I have done all the calibration required but when i start testing it in stabilize mode the hexa starts to move left and slightly backwards. I followed all the the trouble shooting available on internet but no success. Any help provided will be appreciated.

If you post a log file it might help figure out whats up.

Hi Jim, Thank you for the response. You can download the log files from the below link, couldn’t directly upload here because the log file format was not supported.


@flagitious.sam please upload them to logs.px4.io and share the link here.

BTW, have you leveled the artificial horizon on a leveled surface? https://docs.px4.io/master/en/config/level_horizon_calibration.html

Hi Bresch, thanks for your response, I am unable to upload the files on logs.px4.io , its showing me error every time i upload them.

Yeah, I have leveled the artificial horizon on a leveled surface, I think the issue was with the COG. had balanced the Hexa frame, now its flying stable.