Pixhawk Glider Cross Country

Hi Guys, first time post, hoping someone might be able to assist.
I’ve been researching hardware and software for RC Glider cross country flying, i know there is specific hardware out there for this type of flying, but i wanted to try and achieve it a little cheaper if it’s possible.

What i wanted to do was have full control over the glider as per normal flight. So nothing new there. Secondly i wanted to have someone standing beside me with an ipad/android device directing me to the next way point. At this stage the flying of the model will be all visual, no FPV.
The course will be a 250m triangle to start with. Nice an easy.
My question was what sort of equipment will i need, there is so much out there it does get confusing, I’m gathering it’ll need a radio link, a flight control system/gps and live feed to the ground station software?

Any takers want to point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance

Yeah that should be doable. I guess you want to go for something light, maybe a Pixracer?
On the same website you could go for a micro GPS (very lightweight)
On the same site you can also get telemetry radios

@portfox Once you have PX4 running on the Pixracer you will be able to connect it to a tablet running QGroundControl (link is established via the telemetry radios)

Thanks @tumbili
I have been reading a lot of info, the glider is a 5.5m plane, about 8kg in weight, so something this size wont worry it.
The pixracer was what i was reading about and the telemetry radios seems to right way to go as well. The process of connecting these up is straight forward?
One end of the telemetry radio connects to the pixracer? Then on the ground station, the other telemetry radio plugs straight into the ipad/pc or andoid? Is it that easy to do?

Thanks again

@portfox Yes, it is quite straight forward. Let me send you a picture of a complete setup tomorrow, then you will get a clear idea what you need.

Awesome, that will help out a heap. Thank you

@portfox Here is a picture of the minimum setup you probably need.
Top middle: GPS receiver (this one is from Drotek)
Middle: Pixracer autopilot
Bottom: Power module (this one is for a Pixhawk 4, normally you get them much smaller, just get the one that comes with the Pixracer)
Left: FRSky receiver for the RC (I’m using the Taranis transmitter)
Right: Telemetry module

Thats great, thank you. Makes it easy when you can see what you need. I’ll report back with what i end up with and results. Someone else out there might want to play. Just about to order the glider this week for the project.