Pixhawk Cube: BLDC Motor constant beeping and not spinning at all

I’m using Pixhawk cube, matek, and navio2 power module with sunnysky bldc motor, new xxd 30a esc. I use r12ds and at10 ii as RC system. 4s 1800mah lipo battery. I did everything as shown as manual. When I plug in my battery to the system. 2 led of matek is blinking red and motor beeping constantly and moving a little bit like vibration.

I’m quite not sure about esc wiring. I soldered gnd and + to the matek, and the rest signal and gnd cables to the pixhawk cube main out part.

I would be appreciated if can someone help me.

Thanks a lot

Check whether safety switch is enabled .

If it is enabled press safety switch if you have or else disable the safety switch.

Thank you for replay my question. I’ll try it today.