Pixhawk 6X: Overload CPU load > 80%, or RAM usage > 98%

Hello, does anyone know how to fix the error “Overload CPU load > 80%, or RAM usage > 98%” on a Pixhawk 6X, this happens when the B/E LED is turned on
Thank you

We don’t typically see high CPU usage on FMUv6X, can you please share more details?

  • What firmware and version are you running?
  • Can you please share a log?

Hi, yes so when i try to connect my Pixhawk 6X to MissionPlanner or QGC, it is unable to do so. When the usb cable is connected I can see the B/E orange led which means that Overload CPU load > 80%, or RAM usage > 98%
I tried to run without SD card but doesn’t work.
I cannot send the log file but this is what mission planner gives when i try to connect (maybe it would help):

01/05/2024 16:54:30 : RCOut: PWM:1-8 DS600:9-12 PWM:13-16
01/05/2024 16:54:30 : AHRS: DCM active
01/05/2024 16:54:30 : ArduPilot Ready
01/05/2024 16:54:30 : 5 FICSR4196355 MM0 MC0 IE2048 IEC1 TN:Ardu
01/05/2024 16:54:30 : WDG: T17 SL0 FL217 FT3 FA240020F8 FTP180 FLR80439D
01/05/2024 16:54:29 : Restored watchdog attitude -35 33 1
01/05/2024 16:54:29 : Baro: skipping calibration after WDG reset

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