Pixhawk 4 Mini (Holy bro)

Hello all,
I am new to this community, trying to make my first quadcopter, I bought the new Pixhawk 4 mini and used Qgroundcontrol to calibrate and arm the motors, it armed and during my first flight it flips upside down when I give throttle not taking off vertically.I checked my motors are rotating in the correct directions.
Questions I have

  1. Can anyone help me with the wiring of the ESC between the power supply board and the FC
  2. Is there a ordering/numbering to be followed in soldering the ESC into the power supply board and connecting to the FC
  3. I thank every one in advance who can help me with this, I appreciate all your time.2019-07-25T04:00:00Z

Have you checked the motor assignments and direction of the autopilot?


Thank you, It worked I tested it, it flew and its fun.

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