Pixhawk 4 'high accelerometer bias error'

Hello everybody @Jaeyoung-Lim

I am a Pixhawk 3 pro user, now we want to change new pixhawk, 3 -> 4.
However Pixhawk 4 has a ‘high accelerometer bias error’ when we try Arming with recent firmware version.
We tested version 1.9.2, 1.9.0.
Only Pixhawk 4 happens this error, Pixhawk 3 pro / Pixhawk cube are okay.
Anybody had a same experience like this? Or is it solution?

Thank you

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@jongbeom.her Is this with the default parameters?

Oh, Thank you!!

It works well after changing all default parameter and re-calibration of sensor.

It didn’t work because of old calibration data? even I did re-calibration of sensor??

@jongbeom.her It might be that your parameter set comes from a older firmware / or your calibration data comes from a different hardware setup.

Good to hear that it worked!