Pixhack V3 - no servo reaction in manual mode

i have a Pixhack V3 and I use the px4 stack along with a µWave 12 Channel 2,4Ghz receiver from Schulze and the regular PPM SBus Encoder that comes with the pixhack.

My Problem is, that when I switch to manual mode, the servo hooked up to the rail of the pixhack is not responding at all. Although I can see the servo signal in qgroundcontrol when swithcing to “radio” an moving the sticks on my radio.

I am using the pixhack indoors, so no valid GPS an I have no airspeed sensor. The pixhack is blink blue light slowly - so it is not armed and ready to take off.

BUT: I expect, that If I am in manual mode, I should have full control over the servos - no matter what sensor is up an running (the GPS or Airspeed sensor could fail in flight aswell an the manual mode has still to work).

But nothing happens. Is there any hint about how to fix this ?

Thanx alot


I do not know the PIXhawk V3. But with some PIXhawk versions you need to supply (5V) to the Servos separately. With other words the pixhawk did not provide the required power to the servos. May be this helps.

Thanx, but i already tried to power the servo Rail seperately, doesnt help.

Hi, Joerg~

These are some check points:

  1. Have you armed by sliding right the yaw stick of RC transmitter?
  2. The ‘safety switch’ should be turned off first for arming.
  3. The ESC’s should be calibrated before first use.
  4. The ESC’s wire connection is correct?

We do have the same problem, we use a Pixhawk 4 mini.
In ACRO mode the drone fly perfectly, but in Manual, and in any other mode it do not work.
When we push the throtle nothing happen.

Do you have an idea what could be the problem ?

Thank you for the help!