Pixfalcon arms but motor doesnt spin. fix wing

So i re flashed my board with latest firmware and and input the value for airspeed to be disabled for pre arm check. i am able to arm the plane but the motor doesnt spin.

Before i was able to get the motor to spin but now i cant even get the esc to calibrate or spin at all. Im not sure what the issue is and I’m starting to get frustrated :frowning:

Any help is appreciated.

Im using a spektrum dx9 radio, pixfalcon board, and a dsmx receiver.


HI @Rick_Martinez, sorry to hear about your frustrating experience. Can you provide more information?
Are your control surfaces working? Do you see any error messages?

thanks for the reply. i was able to get it working i had to move the esc to channel 4.

Now its flying well but it is rejecting rtl and rejecting auto missions.

Not sure why it would reject. i tested rtl the other day and it was working fine.

when i initiate rtl it either goes into a nose dive or it just keeps going .

If you can post your log to flight review I’ll take a look. http://logs.px4.io/
Please describe anything else you remember in the upload description.