Partner ID mismatch Error on QGC

I am trying to use a pixhawk (firmware version 1.6.0dev) where telem 1 is connected to a usb 3dr radio + Laptop X. Laptop X runs QGC. Telem 2 is connected to a linux box using USB. The linux box is running mavproxy.

Mavproxy runs fine on the linux box. While mavproxy is running,

QGC (v3.1.3) when asked to upload a mission, gives this error:

WPM: REJ. CMD: partner ID mismatch

Any ideas on how to fix this? Or perhaps I’m doing something wrong?


I’m facing a variant of this problem

I have 1 UAV connected to Mavproxy forwarding to 3 ground stations 2x QGC 3.1.3 and 1x Mission Planner.

Both QGC seems to be ok but Mission Planner will complain WPM: REJ. CMD: partner ID mismatch as well. Any ideas?

Hi guys, I am facing the same issue did you manage to solve it or have an explaination of the issue?

For anyone landing here like I just did: I had specified the mavproxy outputs like

--out udp:(...)

but it had to be

--out udpout:(...)

After switching to udpout the remote QGC works as expected.

hola, tengo un gran problema. no conozco de programación pero quiero hacer esa solución cambiando out udp a out udpout y no desconozco como hacerlo, por favor explíquenmelo como si yo fuera un niño.