Opensource rc controller project

We are trying to bring a high performance , 100% opensource include software and hardware RC production to the opensource committee .

Here are some information about Etlas mobile RC transmiter.

Key functions and advantages

  • Built-in ground station control software for remote control of drones, payloads, route planning, drone status and real-time image display
  • Equipped with a high-performance integrated image transmission and communication system to achieve stable transmission of 1080P@60f images within 5 km
  • Integrated large-capacity lithium battery with endurance up to 5 hours
  • Equipped with 7-inch 1920*1200 resolution full HD high-brightness LCD screen, brightness up to 1200nit
  • Support HDMI2.0 real-time output 4K@60f image and USB3.0 high-speed interface



  • MCU: STM32
  • CPU: RK3399
  • Frequency 2.4G


*QGC compatible


*HDMI uart ,can


100% opensource ?
wow … that’s awesome.
btw. how can I get it ? is there any website that I can access?

of course,it will coming soon.

What’s the weight?What certifications have it obtained?

i’m in if you can make it Blue

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pain the shell/casing to be blue?

The us drone market is increasingly demanding NO CHINA influence with drones working in sensitive programs. My home state bans these starting in July. Blue is using parts and having manufacture in “other than china”. Many people in the US government believe China is not friendly to the US, me included. It’s a difficult process because companies like DJI use tactics that eliminate competition, Yes they have a great product but they won’t be the only option in the game because of investment in manufacturing and technology in the us and other than china. We are building with all us or other than china now, there are great flight computers like MRO and Modalai. We develop with herelink controller now and ship with herelink blue to be compliant

Bro,do you know herelink is designed in China?By xiaomi drone team(xiaomi also produce phones.)

the current NDAA regulations are new and of course will meet alot of resistance, primarily from lobbyist who support China manufacture. You are free to choose what you want, our strategy is buy american and support american made. Of course manufacturing comes from china, for so many reasons, one like American politicians sellout manufacturing to china from Bill Clinton on. Americans lost manufacturing jobs and politicians got rich. I think the drone industry is a great Stand to start with. With the FAA involved there will be more regulation, drones are not certified Yet but they will be, manufacturing being one industry that will require made in America. As far as the cube and herelink you can see they are moving their manufacturing out of china. I am a patriot, I support any and all regulations that move the drone industry back to US soil. Do i believe 3d printers will ever be manufactured in the US, no, there just is no way to compete with a communist country, but noted the DS in charge of the US just was made aware of 3d printing and has pledged millions for the technology. of course not understanding that all those dollars will go to china.
Herlink website: “We are NDAA compliant, Executive Order 13981 Compliant.
CubePilot PTY LTD is an Australian owned company,
bringing you True Blue Allied and USA built solutions for your unmanned applications.
Our Supplier, HexAero PTE LTD is also an Australian owned company based out of Singapore,
our manufacturing is done by American and Allied owned Factories in California and Taiwan. “

Thank you for your information. I can understand that you love your country. At the same time, I also understand that it’s politics affects free trade (I know that this trade war started by trump, and not everyone supports him). As far as I know, herelink is designed and produced in China, but now some of their products have been moved out of China (modifications have been made on the basis of herelink to meet the requirements of local countries?), I believe the US will soon design and produce excellent products like herelink.