Opaque Vehicle Indicators and Trajectories for ALL Vehicles?


Currently, in the QGC map view, the only vehicle that has an opaque indicator with a red trajectory line is the active vehicle. An example is shown on their github page:

I would like to see if it is possible to show these traits for ALL vehicles that are currently on missions, for multi-vehicle visualization purposes. I have managed to find the code for the trajectory design in qgc’s github:

// Add trajectory points to the map
    MapItemView {
        model: mainIsMap ? activeVehicle ? activeVehicle.trajectoryPoints : 0 : 0
        delegate: MapPolyline {
            line.width: 3
            line.color: "red"
            z:          QGroundControl.zOrderTrajectoryLines
            path: [

But I am unsure of what to do from here. Would someone who works on QGC development and is more experienced with what to do be able to help out? If possible I would like to be able to use QGC’s custom commands widget rather than directly editing the source code.


Making this work is non-trivial due to the fact that it all must be done dynamically and requires a fairly deep knowledge of Qml and how MapItemView works. You can look at the code and usage of PlanMapItems for how that works to show all the mission items for all vehicles.

Also there is not way to do this without modifying the QGC code directly.