Only One Accelerometer Showing Up In Log

Having an issue with only one accelerometer showing up in flight logs. Here’s the backstory: I have two vehicles (different frames) with the exact same flight controller/sensor setup. On one vehicle, which has been flying for a while, three accelerometers show up on the vibration metrics graph in flight review. On the newer vehicle that I’m trying to get up and running, only one shows up. Looked into what sensors the board actually sees when its running px4 (custom flight controller) and they’re showing up properly there. Kind of stumped on why its not showing up in this graph. Is there some kind of logging parameter I’m missing that would enable this? I’ve done a parameter comparison between the two boards and they’re nearly identical other than tuning.

Here’s a screenshot of the “good” vehicle’s vibration graph:

And here’s the “bad” vehicle’s graph:

Thanks for the help!