Omnibus PWM 5 and 6

Hi everyone,

I was trying to use pwm 5 and 6 on the omnibus f4pro.
This should be pretty straight forward using the aux 1 and aux 2 chanels, however things are not working.
I took a lok at the firmware and found in


that only 4 pwm signals are configured.
Uncommenting the lines relative to pwm 4 and 5 didn’t work. I could build and flash the firmware, but still no signal on those ports.
I don’t know much on PX4, so was wondering if anyone has an idea on how I can get this to work.



I’m going to ping @bkueng hoping that he might have an idea.

It needs a bit more, but w/o digging into it myself, I cannot tell you what exactly.
One thing I can say is that RX of UART4 is configured on PWM 5, so you will have to disable that UART.


Thanks for the hint.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

It’s an old topic but is still an issue. Did you fix it? Is it possible to enable PWM 5 & 6 without compiling source code?