Omnibus F4 Pro Octocopter

I’m trying to configure my Omnibus F4 Pro for an octocopter. I’ve managed to upload the firmware and selected the Octo-X configuration. On the board, as found on one of the forum posts, I selected Ch5 and ch6 ad PWM7 and PWM8. But they do not respond to the motorcommands in QGroundcontrol.
I’m a bit puzzled. Does the Omnibus F4 Pro support 8 pwm’s at all, or is 6 the max.
If it supports 8 pwms are ch5 and ch6 the correct pads to use and if so, do I need to do some more configurations to have them behave as pwm’s.

The PX4 Onmibus F4 Target currently offers only 4 PWM/Dshots for quadrocopters by default. The code can be extended to a maximum of 6 PWM outputs if the UART is deactivated that uses the PWM 5 Port and PWM 5, 6 and their additional timers are enabled instead when not in use elsewhere.

@taileron How do you enable PWM 5 & 6?

that can be changed in boards … OB*F4 … SRC/board_config.h and timer_config.cpp and then compiled.

I see, so not possible by editing config.txt on sdcard?