Nucleo-h743zi2 can't connect after firmware upload. but ardupilot could connect


I try to use dev board, nuclei-h743zi2 target using kakuteh7.
2 or 3 month ago, I have upload bootloader and firmware on nucleo. I could connect using QGC.

But now, I could connect through QGC after uploading Firmware.

So, I try to uploading ArduPilot on nucleo-h743zi2, kakuteh7 bl and firmware. it is no problem connecting QGC.

And also, I have build a boot loader for kakuteh7. It has created an elf file. After I drag and drop an elf to nucleo and rebooting the board, the board id is shown 0 in QGC’s firmware tab. but I convert into hex and upload using stm32cubeprogrammer, it is shown correctly 1048 of board ID.

Finally, In QGC, After uploading Firmware PX4, I could connect the board

Help me~~~