I watched a lecture during the 2022 summit about finding the time constant roll time constant. I was wondering if the script for it was ever made available, or if there is a way to solve for the time constant myself. Transfer functions with given data trip me up.

Do you have a link or docs to what you’re referring to? That might help…

Yeah you have a point, not much help without a reference lol.
Here’s the link to the video, the segments of interest starts at approximately 9:00 minutes.

Aha, in that case I can ping @tstastny.

@JulianOes i just saw this :frowning: sorry! … yes this is my bad. I intended to write / upload a simple script for this some time ago but never got around to it. Since it is a first order time constant, it should be fairly straight forward to do the ID - one would just need to use pyulog, load in the roll setpoint and roll state signals, and then pass some step data through a least squares solver.