Not receiving AIS_Vessel information


I’m using Pixhawk CUAV V5+ flight controller, skydroid h12 and mission planner Ground station.

I’m sending AIS message at telemetry2 port and not able to receive any data at ground station. Looking at the code, found that there were no topic/message in uORB module. To receive any AIS type message, Do I need to create new topic for AIS message ID(#301) and send the mavlink data? Could you please confirm my understanding?

Also, suggest me any idea to test/verify this scenario as I’m new here.

Thanks for your help in advance!.

PX4 Autopilot MAVLink

Are you using ArduPilot or PX4 firmware on your flight controller?
Usually MissionPlanner is used with ArduPilot: if that’s what you’re using, better to ask at