Not able to arm through UART from RPi 3


I intend to use my Pixhawk with the Raspberry Pi 3 as the companion computer over UART. I have successfully established connection with the Pixhawk and am able to read status messages which are triggered by RC. However, I’m not able to arm/disarm or pass any RC control commands over UART. This works fine when I run mavproxy over USB (on the RPi3 and my Ubuntu machine). I’ve set SYS_COMPANION to enable a 921K companion link.
How do I proceed to correct this?

Thanks and Regards,

Most likely you haven’t configured the UART correctly or didn’t cross RX / TX. Where did you take your wiring instructions from?

Hi Lorenz,
I’ve based my wiring based on the instructions provided here -
As I said before, I’m able to get notifications for all the actions being triggered by the RC transmitter. So, I believe the wiring has to be right.

The issue has been isolated to be a hardware related one (tested the UART out with a Logic Analyzer too). When booted upon the same SD card with another RPi 3, I was able to get things running as required.

Thanks for reporting this back!