No Telemetry Icon or Telemetry RSSI

QGC Version: 2021-08-31 06:55:11 (Two different computers and one Android Tablet)
PX4 Version: 1.12.3
Flight Controller(s): MRO Control Zero H7, Black Cube, Blue Cube

I’ve researched and the only related thing I have found is a post from more than a year ago and it did not have any information that changed my issue. QGroundControl will not display the Telemetry RSSI icon or value on the top status bar along with RC RSSI, GPS, etc. This happens on multiple computers and multiple flight controllers. There is not audit trail that I can see as there is nothing in the logs or anywhere else. Everything else on these various setups works perfectly fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

You likely didn’t set that up then.
MAVLINK icon shows once you have a radio connected and set the MAVLINK accordingly.
For RSSI you’ll need to output that on a PWM channel in your RC controller and theb set thaz channel for RSSI in “radio calibration” params. :wink:

Thanks for the comment, but this is completely different. I’m talking about telemetry RSSI between the GCS <> Aircraft by way of the telemetry modems…NOT the RC RSSI. I’m not even using conventional RC equipment with a Tx/Rx. The only communication that occurs in is done with RFD900+

Well where you receive your mav telemetry isn’t that important but you should have put it on “Telem1” hardware side and enable MAV0 on serial 1. Did you double check the wiring?
Sorry that’s all that comes to mind.
I also failed to get a 400MHz radio working under both Ardupilot and PX4… It did show up in mission planner so maybe check there if it shows up, should at least confirm the hardware working.
(was able to connect from GS to modem and configure/ flash firmware!)

I’ll check that and report back. Thank you.

UPDATE: I checked all that and it was setup as you described. I always use TELEM1. I also forgot to mention that I’ve had a number of flights on multiple aircraft with different flight controllers and different ground stations running QGC…all exhibit the same lack of a MAVLINK telemetry status icon/display.